To Whom it is of Interest:

I wish to offer this unsolicited formal letter of recommendation on behalf of Professional Development Strategies (PDS). As a recent graduate of the program, and having just completed a successful employment campaign based on their core principles, I can unequivocally state that I was able to successfully navigate tough economic conditions and land a position as a direct result of their extraordinary efforts.

From the moment Bill Jeffries adroitly assesses your skills, personality and behaviors, you begin to feel empowered and realize that you’ve signed on to something that will provide benefits for the rest of your professional journey. As John Singer walks you through each step of building your values, abilities and aptitudes into a cutting edge resume, confidence builds, and you know with certainty you’ve made a smart investment.

This proactive approach to building a market-ready resume isn’t the end of the process. Rather, it’s the beginning of a well-honed campaign strategy that will send you into a competitive marketplace with a portfolio of strategies that will ensure success and aid you in career management. I can’t stress enough that the cost of the program is far outweighed by the content, materials and lifetime knowledge you take away.If you’re overwhelmed by the marketplace, confused about the effectiveness of the multitude of career programs out there, just need a first step or seem to be languishing in your job search, I encourage you to speak with John, Bill and the rest of their exceptionally capable staff about guiding you through their process. I can personally and professionally guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Another satisfied client (with an exciting new career),

Clifford C.