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    Professional Development Strategies (PDS) is a leading Outplacement and Career Transition Agency. PDS provides you with the tools to define and communicate your unique skills and experience, creating your competitive edge in landing your next position.

    The PDS Difference

    We have built our reputation through our expertise in guiding people and companies to reach their goals in the areas of outplacement and career transition by providing services that are personalized and proven.

    Executive & Professional Career Transition Services

    Today's job market is competitive, particularly for executives and professionals. We provide clients with personalized strategies, ongoing consulting, and job search education so that they can advance in their career.

    Choosing The Right Path

    We help job searchers identify their strengths, accomplishments and career goals, and teach them how to stand out from the 'crowd' to achieve their ideal job.

    Urgent Outplacement Services

    We can quickly develop and implement an outplacement program solution that is ideal for your organization.


    By John Singer

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    For every position that interests you there are dozens, possibly hundreds of applicants.  You need to make yourself stand out – but how? 

    Resume DNA: Succeeding In Spite Of Yourself  is a practical blueprint for navigating your way through a complicated, competitive job market.

     You’ll learn to:

     ·       Identify the qualities that distinguish you from your competition

    ·       Write cover letters and resumes that demonstrate why you’re a good fit

    ·       Deliver an opening statement that enables you to control the interview

    ·       Work your network and pilot a proactive search in the “unpublished” job market

    Resume DNA: Succeeding in Spite of Yourself reminds you of what you’ve already accomplished … and teaches you how to leverage those accomplishments as you make your way up the career ladder.

    Resume DNA: Succeeding in Spite of Yourself


    We are your Professional Partners in Individual Career Transitions and Outplacement.


    University of Arizona

    “The personal touch and care Professional Development Strategies shows our displaced employees is the reason we contracted them as our outplacment provider” Vice President of Human Resources


    Muscular Dystrophy Association

    When MDA needed to downsize immediately, we were there to help. Find out how we assisted their valuable employees in securing new jobs.


    City of La Quinta, California

    When La Quinta needed a reduction in workforce, they turned to PDS. We provided on-site workshops, job market education, 30-day counseling, and negotiating strategies. “We highly recommend [PDS] to anyone considering outplacement services” Human Resourses/General Services Manager


    National Optical Astronomy Observatory

    “When we had a major downsize in our research, engineering and science departments we contacted PDS to assist our professionals in Arizona, Chile, and Hawaii. We have been very pleased with the results.” Supervisor of Human Resources for NOAO/AURA

    Career Transition:  Expertise, Strategy and Momentum

    The job search landscape has changed dramatically in today’s new market economy. You know you want to build on your career and land a more fulfilling role. What is holding you back?

    → I know I can make a solid contribution to another company. How do I communicate that to hiring managers?

    → I hear a lot about branding. What is my brand? How does that apply to job search?

    → I’ve been sending my resume out but it isn’t garnering any worthwhile attention. Now what?

    → How helpful is LinkedIn? How can I make the most of it?

    → How can I expand my network of referral sources to get in front of my next employer?

    → I haven’t experienced an interview in a long time. How do I distinguish myself from all of the other candidates?

    → I want a better salary. What are the best strategies for negotiating a better offer?

    These questions are fully addressed within the PDS Career Transitions program, providing you with the expertise, strategies and momentum to advance in your career.

    Knowledge Base

    Proof or Consequences

    A client recently shared an email he had received from a “competitor” in his industry. The author of the email was attempting to position himself as an expert in their trade and belittle my client for his unique style of doing business. The email carried a negative tone and read as a stream of consciousness…

    “The thing you gotta know is – everything is show biz” – Mel Brooks

    Interviews are performances, and performances must be practiced. You must be prepared to answer tough interview questions. Have you prepped properly? What is your opening branding statement? What questions have you anticipated, and how are you prepared to answer them? Have your top TSNs (Three Sentence Narratives) primed and ready. It is always best to…

    Career Job Seekers and PDS’ Human Touch Approach

    Studies have shown that losing a job is one of life’s most emotional events. It ranks slightly behind losing a love one, divorce, serious illness, extraordinary debt and homelessness. When losing a job, a small percentage of individuals experience anxiety levels considered to be medically dangerous. A majority experience an emotional roller coaster bouncing back…