Specialized Sectors: Non-Profit, Government and Universities

We Serve National and Local Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations have seen their contributions decline significantly due to the recent economic downturn. As a result, non-profit Executive leaders are making difficult decisions concerning staffing, including necessary Reduction in Force plans.

We understand how committed non-profit employees are to the missions they serve, and bring that understanding to bear during our 1:1 coaching. Candidates we have served range from Directors, Regional and Divisional Managers to service providers and front line personnel. Our comprehensive outplacement services give each individual the necessary tools to take the next step in their career, whether that step be within the non-profit sector or otherwise.

City, Municipality and Government Outplacement Services

Once thought to be immune from an economic downturn, even well-managed municipalities are experiencing increased budget constraints. When Reductions In Force become necessary, we can be in place to ensure a smooth transition for all involved. As requested, we can begin services immediately by providing on-site group workshops following termination announcements, giving newly displaced employees the compassion and resources they need to ‘turn the corner’ in looking forward in their career. With access to immediate services, the risk of potential litigation and adverse reactions are mitigated. We then connect each affected employee with a personalized program that gives them the branding, tools, strategic methodologies and confidence to proactively go after their next career role.

University and College Outplacement Services

University and College employees come with a widely diverse range of backgrounds, fields of expertise and accomplishments. Assessing their strengths and marketability to launch their job search is our expertise. Long-term employees, especially need added compassion and a strong guide through the job search process in the new market economy. Our individual programs, wherein each client meets 1:1 with an assigned consultant, ensures they gain the critical tools, networking methodologies and confidence to market themselves during interviews with potential employees.

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