Corporate Outplacement Services

Developing Your Customized Action Plan

As experienced outplacement professionals, we understand that time is critical.  In the case of a workforce reduction or termination, we develop and implement a customized plan to fit your company’s or organization’s needs.

Our plans can consist of a number of elements including:

  • 1-6 months of Career Transition coaching.
  • On-site face-to-face meetings with employees.
  • 1-3 day seminars that cover a wide variety of topics including how to stand out in the job search process, how to effectively conduct a job search, effective resume writing, and interview skills.
  • Individual assistance with all employees to learn about their skills, past accomplishments, and objectives.
  • Individual brand creation, which lets each employee see the value that they will bring to a future organization.
  • How to build and profit from a strong network.
  • ‘Fearless’ interviewing and salary negotiations.

How We Can Quickly Customize a Plan to Fit the Needs of Your Company or Organization

Workshops, Seminars, and Outplacement Materials

Our workshops, seminars, and outplacement materials have been extensively developed and tested.  While we tailor these services to meet the needs of specific clients and industries, the key aspects of these services remains consistent.  It is the delivery of these services by our experienced professionals that contribute most to the effectiveness of the information conveyed.

See “PDS Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations

Individual Consulting and Job Search Plan Development

Personal one-to-one consulting services are always delivered in a customized fashion directed to the specific needs of those searching for a job.  Our first goal is to assess the displaced employee’s skills, accomplishments, career goals and mindset.  At this juncture, our services are much like those provided by a physician – we need to understand the issues first so that we can help develop the right course of action.

If Your Company or Organization Has an Immediate (or Upcoming) Need for Outplacement Services, Contact Us 

Once we understand the needs of your company or organization, we can discuss with you various components of the services we can offer, and we can then immediately move forward with designing the benefits and programs that are right for your company or organization.