What We Do

We are a leading Outplacement and Career Transition agency serving Arizona, Albuquerque NM, Greater Palm Springs CA, and Minneapolis, MN. As proud and active partners within the Global Outplacement Alliance, we are affiliated with 200 partner offices and can provide and engage services for companies with locations across the U.S. We serve a wide range of industries including Finance and Banking, Technical, Medical/Hospital, Government and Not-for Profit entities.

Outplacement Services

When companies and organizations are facing the difficult need to implement a Reduction In Force, we create comprehensive, customized outplacement solutions that support organizational leadership and benefit displaced employees. Our coaches conduct compassionate, individual career transition programs for each enrolled employee. To ease the transition into our services, we support Executive leadership additionally through the options of being on-site immediately following termination discussions, and are prepared to conduct on-site interactive training workshops that engage recently displaced employees in meaningful learning to bring them to a positive mindset with which to begin their career search.

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Engaging PDS’ committed, compassionate and expert Outplacement Services for departing employees fosters goodwill and serves to  minimize potential lawsuits and negative social media that can result when an employee feels that he or she is not being treated fairly. This is an important aspect of reputation management. Providing services for departing employees additionally bolsters remaining employees’ morale and supports employee retention.

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Career Transition Services

We coach, support and guide clients in career transition to conquer their fears, define and communicate their brand value, and effectively engage in a full-on job search both online and offline to re-ignite their careers.  With informed expertise, compassionate and directive guidance, clients gain the life-long advantage of knowing how to position themselves within the marketplace to realize their personal career goals.


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