Outplacement Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations

In reductions in force involving more than a few employees, in addition to the personalized consulting services that we provide, we also offer workshops, seminars, and presentations that cover many aspects of the reduction and job search process.  Topics that we often cover include:

  • How to create an effective brand that will be desirable to future employers
  • What makes a resume effective
  • Key elements of the job interview process
  • How to build and use a personal network for your job search
  • The emotional aspects of job loss – acceptance of the emotions that arise
  • How to maintain a positive attitude during the job search process
  • How to use (and not use) the Internet in the job search process 

In addition to these topics, we can also develop additional presentations upon request.

What is involved in Outplacement Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations? 

Our outplacement workshops, seminars, and presentations are not provided solely through a lecture format.  While some aspects consist of presentations, our services are meant to be interactive and to give participants ideas about how they can use the information being provided in their career transition. Our workshops consist of interaction between participants and our professionals.  This interaction provides participants with valuable skills that they can use in interviews and other aspects of the job search process.


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