Individual Career Transition Coaching

Landing Your Next Career Role

If you’re seeking a new career role, we know it can be daunting. People with strong skills and experience often find it difficult to communicate their value to employers in a way that sets them apart from their competition; and many miss out on locating opportunities by focusing solely on advertised job leads.

To coach you in landing your ideal career role, we use customized programs, individual consulting and focused job search strategy development to impact and expand your search. In most markets today, it’s a buyer’s market; there are often too many people available for each opportunity. Fortunately, you only need one job.

Brand Development 

Like successful product positioning, successful job marketing requires effective brand development. We focus extensively with clients to identify their brand value through:

  • “Hard skills” identification – these may be technical skills, such as engineering or accounting skills, or other ‘can do’ types of skills.
  • “Soft skills” identification – these involve ‘I am’ skills that are not usually quantifiable, such as being an effective leader or communicator.
  • Individual accomplishments – what demonstrated “wins” can be promoted?
  • Transferable skills identification – what skills do you have that could be transferred to your work in a different industry or with a different company?
  • Industry Assessment – based upon your transferable skills and objectives, what industries would be ideal for you?

Once these aspects are known, we work with you to carefully develop a distinct brand to showcase your value. We then create a resume that fully communicates this new brand, so that your value is clear to potential employers.  Plus we give you the tools and confidence to fully communicate your brand to hiring decision makers and others who may be instrumental in moving your career forward.

Brand Communication 

Once your brand is developed, the next step in the job search process is to promote your brand. Relationships need to be built both on-line and off-line. We work with clients to position them and optimize their presence on LinkedIn, as well as teach them how to benefit from the powerful tools LinkedIn provides to both find opportunity and be found by opportunity. We teach clients how to network effectively, not only through the Internet and social media, but also by developing one-to-one relationships beyond social media. The more others are aware of your career value, the more opportunities you will be able to connect with.

You know how to do the job.  We teach what you need to know to effectively manage your search. Click on the Contact link or call us to get started.