Career Transition: The Path to More

The PDS Career Transition Package

The decision to enhance one’s career path is often made with much forethought and perhaps, trepidation.  It is our privilege to bring our expertise to you, to partner with those who want more from their career – more challenges, more growth opportunities, more impact, more satisfaction and more income and life balance. Professional Development Strategies has developed a 60-day program made for you and your professional goals and desires.

We partner with professionals in a wide range of industries who are transitioning back into the workforce or those looking to grow and fine tune their career paths. We have structured this plan and its features for all levels of professionals, from entry level to senior management.  It takes more than a resume in today’s job market to secure the right position for yourself.   The PDS Career Transition Package is an investment in yourself that you will utilize for the remainder of your career.


One of the biggest hurdles in a job search is being able to stand out from the competition in this new market economy. PDS provides personalized one-on-one coaching to identify your signature strengths and accomplishments and develop your brand value to fully position you with the competitive edge you need to secure the right position.

PDS starts the process of discovery:

  • PDS identifies your professional brand through one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • PDS showcases your brand in a customized resume and cover letter, written to target your desired market.
  • PDS develops your career goals and desires by building a career search marketing plan, so you can focus on the target.
  • PDS teaches you the inside track on positioning yourself well on LinkedIn, enabling recruiters and decision makers to find  you.
  • PDS works with you to develop your TMAY (Tell Me About Yourself) and take immediate control of the interview.
  • PDS provides you with targeted interview strategies so you are prepared, confident and capable of selling yourself as a professional.


Now that you are positioned to stand out from the competition, you are ready to connect with opportunity!

  • PDS provides a marketing strategy to build a strong network within your target industry.
  • PDS teaches you how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to build an on-line network and take it off-line to meet with decision makers.
  • PDS provides individual coaching and oversight for powerful cover letters that are customized for specific opportunities.
  • PDS maintains momentum with you through coaching strategy sessions.

Take control of your career advancement.  Our 60-Day  Program includes the same components that we have designed for Fortune 500 Companies that offer Outplacement Services for their valued employees.  Your resume is a career marketing tool that creates a professional brand. Resume writing is a customized process.  Our Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs) identify your Resume DNA ™ and build a strategy to allow you to soar professionally.   

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