Once reaching out to PDS and making contact with John Singer, I began to rebuild my brand as a successful leader seeking the next step in his career. John was methodical in his training and needs assessment of my talents, weaknesses, and ultimately strengths as a young executive. Importantly, the organization I was working for was recently acquired so I was facing a new role that challenged my time and energy. Moreover, this new role presented me with significant travel [and] exponentially increased responsibilities. That said, John created a personalized, flexible, and fast-track plan to quickly build a new brand, coach me on successful interview skills, and ultimately assisted me in finding my next career.

Meanwhile, I had another complicated but interesting career prospect. John taught me how to steer the discussions and control the pace of this opportunity, to eventually reach a contract and employment agreement from the company. Ultimately, I turned it down, but John guided me through each step of the project, so I could have the very best offer delivered while vetting the company, owner, and career potential.

The position that I finally took was a lead generated through my LinkedIn network that John and his team was careful to construct for me during the rebranding exercises. In fact, I received three separate offers through my LinkedIn network after the rebuild. The position I took started from my network, but ultimately was won because of my ability to control the interviews and confidently address each of my interviewers concerns, while navigating a win-win final offer. John was with me at every step of this process, coaching me and offering his perspective as though he could see the company’s decision points during the interview and negotiation process.


Tim R.

[certain identifiable information omitted]