John, Bill and Lisa,

I love my new position! The people are great and they really need my help to get them to their next level. Thank you for all of your hard work helping me secure the position I have today.

John, Bill, Lisa and Ade, thank you for all of your time and help with my career search. John was able to streamline my extensive resume into a format that resulted in numerous interviews. John’s coaching and feedback enabled me to “nail” my interviews with my present company and successfully negotiate a great offer. While PDS is not an employment agency, they provide you with all of the tools you need to not only find your next position but to keep your career strategy alive and well. The PDS approach in career strategy is unlike any other I have seen. The most important part, theirs actually works. I highly recommend PDS for anyone looking to improve their career status and truly get the position they really want.

Warm Regards,

Carolyn L.